Tsing-Hua Her, Ph.D.

Tsing-Hua Her
Physics and Optical Science
Associate Professor
Grigg 107

Website: Tsinghua Research Group

Index-antiguided wavelength lasers, metafibers and metafabrics, and phase-sensitive light-matter interactions.

In Tsinghua Research Group (THRG), we use engineering principles to study science and to enable their real-world applications. We conduct innovative and multi-disciplinary research in the fields of physics, optics, and photonics. The lab has two complimentary missions. The first mission is to solve critical problems in optics, physics, chemistry, material, biology, and medicine, using innovative approaches inspired from novel physical principles to enable revolutionary advances. The second and equally important mission is to produce creative and highly skilled scientists and engineers to become the driving force for the scientific and technological innovation in the 21th century.