Shunji Egusa, Ph.D.

Shunji Egusa
Physics and Optical Science
Assistant Professor
Grigg Hall 329

Nanomateirals synthesis and characterization, nanomedicine, and plasmonics.

The enduring problem that faces cancer patients is that treatments can be very difficult, yet the benefits of the treatments can be uncertain. This is because toxic treatments destroy normal cells while often permitting the most aggressive cancer cells to survive. A straightforward solution is to selectively deliver cancer drugs to cancer cells and not normal cells. Unfortunately, existing technologies to do this have limitations, and their impact on patient health has not been as great as hoped. Our laboratory develops a new, versatile nanotechnology approach as a way to link cancer drugs to a myriad of cancer-targeting molecules, to readily and simply address the problem of selectively delivering drugs to cancer cells, to reduce the toxicity and side-effects, and to improve effectiveness of treatments.