Physics and Optical Science

Thomas Suleski Ph.D.

Diffractive optics and refractive micro-optics; Fabrication and integration methods for micro/nano-optics and microsystems; Nanoreplication and nanomanufacturing; Free form micromachining; Biomimetic photonics; Applications of micro/nano structures for optical sensors, solar energy, bio-photonics, directed energy, and computational imaging.

Irina Nesmelova Ph.D.

Research area: experimental biophysics at nanoscale. We investigate how structure, dynamics, and interactions with binding partners define the function of a protein. The goal is to use this information for protein engineering and design of therapeutic compounds. We use a multidisciplinary approach, which includes advanced solution NMR and optical spectroscopy, molecular modeling, and basic biochemistry.

Yuri Nesmelov Ph.D.

Biological molecular motors. We study myosin, the protein responsible for force generation in muscle. We combine protein mutagenesis, labeling, and electron paramagnetic resonance and transient time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer to explore myosin functional dynamics on molecular and submolecular level.

Tsinghua Her Ph.D.

Resonance in nano systems; photophysics of low-dimensional systems; ultrasensitive detection of nanoscale and quantum systems; nonlinear and ultrafast optics and spectroscopy; nano-plasmonics; optical metamaterials; applications of the above endeavors in energy, biomedical, optoelectronics.