Congratulations to Mycia Cox!

Date Published: 
Friday, April 12, 2013

Lets congratulate Princess Mycia Cox, fellow nanoscale PhD student, for defending her Ph.D. dissertation, entitled: "Design and fabrication of low loss and low index optical metamaterials" last week. She completed the work under the supervision of Dr. Michael Fiddy (Electrical and Computer Engineering).



Mycia 22"Meta-materials" is an highly active area of research at UNC Charlotte. The researchers are specially interested in making materials which have their index of refraction close to zero or negative. Mycia's talk  was focused on making and studying these type of low index and preferably low loss materials -particularly at optical frequencies. Its also important that we make these materials through low cost processes   in order to make them in large enough quantities. Given these considerations, nanomaterials especially metallic or semiconductor nanocrystals fit the criteria .In mycia's case ,she fabricated and studied aluminium doped zinc-oxide nanoparticles. Her work was also supplemented by extensive simulations  and modeling. A large number of students including fellow nano students and faculty from different departments attended her dissertation. We hope she defends her thesis successfully and wish her all the best for a bright future ahead.


Gaurav Singh

staff correspondent