The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences:  2018 Summer Graduate Fellowship Program 
This Fellowship program provides stipend support for master’s and doctoral students to engage in thesis and dissertation-related research during the summer (May 21-August 10, 2018) under the guidance of their advisor.  To be eligible, students must be enrolled in one of the College’s thesis or dissertation-based graduate programs and be in good academic standing. They are evaluated based on the strength of the proposed research/creative activity along with the student’s academic record.

Of 98 applications received, 13 Fellowships were awarded. Congratulations to Zachary Lyles, a Ph.D Nanoscale Science student on receiving this award for his research "Chlorin e6 and cisPlatin loaded Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for the Synergistic Treatment of Triple Negative Breast Cancer".


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Ph.D Nanoscale Science
Seminar Series Spring 2018

Louis H. Haber
Louisiana State University
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
will be presenting 
"Nonlinear and Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Colloidal Plasmonic Nanoparticles"


Hybrid plasmonic colloidal nanoparticles and their interactions with biological molecules, dye molecules, and light are investigated using nonlinear and ultrafast spectroscopy. The photocleaving dynamics of microRNA-functionalized plasmonic nanoparticles in colloidal suspension in water are monitored using time-dependent second harmonic generation (...

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Nanoscale Science - Faculty in Focus

Welcome to the Walter Research Group in the Chemistry Department at UNC Charlotte. We are interested in the synthesis and development of new materials for Solar Energy Conversion. Photoactive materials such as porphyrins are developed in our lab can be used to harvest solar photons and convert that energy into either electricity or into a fuel such as hydrogen. Our work involves testing these materials in organic solar cell, dye-sensitized TiO2 solar cell, or photoelectrochemical cell configurations. Our work spans materials research, organic syntheses, and nanoscience.