Woodall, Danielle

Understanding trap dynamics of cadmium sulfide nanocrystals. The aim of my research is to use a combination of time resolved laser spectroscopies of both ensemble and single particle to develop a full understanding of the parameters that govern both exciton and trap dynamics occurring in cadmium sulfide nanocrystals. Some of the methods used to probe the exciton and trap states of CdS include temperature/excitation dependent time-correlated single photon counting experiments as well as ligand binding studies. I believe the Nanoscale Science Ph.D program is a great program because of its interdiscplinary nature. Each course is taught from a multitude of perspectives, and students are encouraged to explore research projects outside their primary discipline before choosing a final research group. I found this to be vital because it allowed me to see a wide range of projects that I may not have considered. With the quantity and quality of research being conducted on campus, there is something for everyone.

Previous degree: 
University of New England, B.S. Chemistry and Marine Biology
Woodall, Danielle