Patil, Sushant

Functional Interactions of chemokines. Chemokines form a large family of proteins that guide the migration of leukocytes in our body. Chemokines act individually or interact to form heterooligomers. These interactionsalter the biological activity of individual chemokines. We are looking at different chemokines to discover biologically important interactions and describe them at atomic level in order to design molecule that will block (or enhance) the interactions, because we believe that it may lead to the development of more targeted, anti-inflammatory pharmacological agents with minimal side effects. Nanaoscale Science PhD program is great mainly because it's interdisciplinary. Thoughtful program structure, friendly faculty, promising research and generous financial support are some of the features of this program.

Previous degree: 
Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science at University of Mumbai, India.
Patil, Sushant
Physics and Optical Science