Behm, Nathan

Development of adiabatic shear bands in high density metals through modification of nanoscale grain size. Adiabatic shear bands (ASBs) are the primary form of deformation in high density materials such as depleted uranium, which helps improve penetration mechanics. Manipulation of metallic grain size at the micro- and nano-scale can help promote the development of ASBs in various high density metals. Methods of testing modified samples include: nano-indentation, dynamic nano-compression, and kolksy bar. I hope to continue this research with a government research facility after obtaining my degree.

The Ph.D. program at UNCC encourages an interdisciplinary approach to research, so that problems are tackled from various directions. By developing a background in chemistry, physics and engineering, research is no longer seen from only one viewpoint, and allows for solutions that may not have been considered otherwise.

Previous degree: 
B.S. Physics, American University, DC
Behm, Nathan